Building Digital Trust

Data Privacy Asia 2016 was held on Nov 9-11 in Singapore. More than 35 data protection, privacy and cyber security thought leaders from 18 countries shared their insights on this year's theme - Building Digital Trust: Establishing an Ecosystem of Trust and Protection in the Digital Age.


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Asia must adopt 'data protection by design' in IoT era   ZDNet (Nov 10, 2016)

Asia must adopt 'data protection by design' in IoT era

ZDNet (Nov 10, 2016)


35 Leaders from More Than 15 Countries

Here's what some of our speakers have to say.


More than 30 Thought Provoking Sessions

  • Fireside Chat - Privacy Regulation and Businesses: How Regulators Can Help Businesses Innovate and Grow
  • Technology Revolution and the Future of Privacy
  • The Need to Embed Privacy, by Design, into Big Data and IoT (Video Presentation)
  • The Role of the Chief Privacy Officer in 2020
  • Bridging Gaps - INTERPOL’s Global Data Protection Model
  • Interactive Discussion: Government Surveillance, Security and Privacy: Does Security Always Win?
  • A Practitioner’s View of the New EU General Data Protection Regulation
  • PIAs and Data Mapping - Operationalizing GDPR and Privacy by Design
  • Privacy, Anonymity and De-Identification in the Age of Big Data
  • Standardizing Data Breach Response: State of The Art
  • Panel Discussion: Breach Response Playbook - Effectively Preparing for Data Breaches
  • Grappling with the Internet of Things, Disruptive Technology and Cloud of Things in the context of Singapore's Smart Nation initiative
  • Malaysia: Personal Data Protection 3 Years On
  • The Encryption and Lawful Access Debate in Thailand and the U.S.: One Step Forward and Two Steps Back
  • Anonymizing or De-identifying Personal Data in Korea: Overview of the De-identification Guidelines
  • Privacy Law in Australia - New Frontiers of Big Data and Breach Reporting
  • New Zealand: Building Digital Trust in the 21st Century Under 20th Century Law
  • To Breach, or Not to Breach: An Update on Data Breach in Hong Kong
  • Philippines: Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Philippine Data Privacy Act
  • Personal Data Transfer to Outside of Macau: Running the Gauntlet of Restrictive Requirements
  • Data Sharing/Transfer and Encryption - Legal Position in India
  • Panel Discussion: Navigating Cross Border Data Transfers in an Inhospitable Global Legal Environment
  • Panel Discussion: Impact of the EU General Data Protection Regulation on Asian Businesses
  • Where's Your Data? Privacy Challenges for IT Leaders
  • Security and Privacy by Design: An ICT Vendor Puzzle
  • How to Fit Privacy and Security – Challenge in the International Standards
  • Big Data, Big Value, Big Brother?
  • Conventional Access Control Death: A New Era for Data Privacy
  • Conducting Data Breach Investigations: In-Depth Look into the How-tos, Challenges and Pitfalls
  • Leveraging the Wisdom of the White Hat Community
  • Achieving Cyber Resiliency - A Five Step Process
  • Panel Discussion: Paying Down the Cybersecurity Debt

Building a Strong Asia Community

Conference Highlights