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Agenda - July 20, 2017

08:00 AM Registration

09:00 AM Welcome Address
Jojo Uligan, President at CCAP

09:10 AM Guest of Honour Speech
Raymund Liboro, Commissioner at National Privacy Commission, Philippines

09:50 AM Keynote | Thrive or be Vanquished: Global Privacy Trends Impacting Outsourcing
Dr. Ken Baylor, President at Vendor Security Alliance

What are the global legislative and regulatory trends impacting outsourcing? Dr. Baylor will provide an overview of changes in privacy and security laws globally and how they affect vendor selection. He will also touch on the important business considerations and the benefits of compliance with data protection and privacy laws.

10:30 AM Coffee Break

10:50 AM Session 1 | PICs vs. PIPs: What the DPA Means for BPOs and Their Clients
Rose Marie M. King-Dominguez, Senior Partner at SyCip Salazar Hernandez & Gatmaitan

One of the key premises of the Data Privacy Act of 2012 is that a personal information controller (PIC) is different from a personal information processor (PIP), but what does that distinction really mean for PICs and PIPs in terms of compliance with the DPA, accountability and liability? The speaker will highlight the provisions of the law and implementing rules that set out the relationships between PICs and PIPs, discuss what controllers and processors need to be concerned about in respect of their outsourcing arrangements, and offer practical suggestions on dealing with these concerns.

11:30 AM Session 2 | Building an Effective Privacy Management Program
Malcolm Crompton, Managing Director at Information Integrity Solutions Pty Ltd

BPO is a massive market and is steadily growing. It’s projected to grow to US$220 billion by 2020. The Philippines cornered 15% of the global BPO market (in 2016). This share is expected to keep rising. Unfortunately, the growing market also comes with more commercial and compliance risks, in particular, risks related to personal information protection. One major compliance risk stems from the Final Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Data Privacy Act 2012, which came into force in 2016.

To realise the opportunities and minimise risks, BPOs are encouraged to embrace personal data protection as part of their corporate governance responsibilities, rather than a mere legal compliance obligation. A privacy management program (PMP) can serve as a strategic framework to assist BPOs in cultivating a privacy respectful culture, building reputation and trust with business partners. They will achieve this with a PMP through transparent information policies and practices and adopting a standard of practice that will hold up in the eyes of global regulators. These factors will be key ingredients to BPO success in today’s data-driven, borderless world.

Implementing a PMP within an organisation takes careful planning and consideration across disciplines and job functions. Malcolm’s presentation will bring audiences through the Do’s and Don’ts for implementing an effective PMP, covering guidance from various Data Protection Authorities and first-hand experiences on the topic.

12:10 PM Panel Discussion 1: Data Privacy – Impact on the Future of Outsourcing
Emiliano "Third" S. Librea III, Partner and Chief Information Officer at P & A Grant Thornton

Raymund Liboro, Commissioner at National Privacy Commission, Philippines
Jaime Castro Jose P. Garchitorena, President and CEO at Credit Information Corporation
Dr. Ken Baylor, President at Vendor Security Alliance
Malcolm Crompton, Managing Director at Information Integrity Solutions Pty Ltd
Espie Bulseco, Senior Director, Business Excellence at Hinduja Global Solutions, Ltd.

How will the trends of data localization, emphasis on stronger third party data protection controls, and the reliance on equivalent data privacy legislation as the basis of cross-border data transfers impact the growth and future of the industry? Can we future-proof ourselves as the data privacy landscape continues to evolve?

01:00 PM Lunch

02:00 PM Session 3 | Building a Cyber Security Strategy to Combat against Threats
Matthias Yeo, Chief Technology Officer - APAC at Symantec Corporation

On May 12, 2017, there were multiple public reports of an ongoing large-scale cyberattack involving a variant of the ransomware named WannaCry (aka WCry). These attacks are targeting and have affected users from various countries across the globe. The weaponization of such software has ushered in a new era of cyberattacks. Organization’s today are worried about joining the ranks of other companies that have been reported breaches. Are you one of them, concerned whether your cybersecurity procedures and technologies will protect you from similar insider threats and external attacks? With most organisations unprepared for this new wave of cyber-warfare, what does this spell for your business?

Through this session, Matthias will be share the threat analysis for the Philippines from Symantec’s recent ISTR report. He will also discuss some of the best practices organization can adopt, and framework approaches such as NIST that could help you to define guidelines and best practices for improving your cybersecurity resiliency.

02:40 PM Session 4 | Establishing a Fit for Purpose Security Operations Center (SOC)
John Ellis, Principal Consultant at Andgiet Security

Get an implementation guide for building a SOC that is cost effective and efficient to address your most critical needs.

03:20 PM Session 5 | Building a Comprehensive and Robust Data Breach Response Plan
Nicholas Legaspi, Special Agent at FBI

Get the law enforcement’s perspective on an effective response and investigation plan, which includes senior executives, public relations, and technology and security functions, to limit the impact of a data breach incident and the use of cyber exercises to enhance and fine tune your data breach playbook.

04:00 PM Coffee Break

04:20 PM Session 6 | Protecting Your Voice Network … All That You Need to Know
Scott Ference, Solutions Consultant at Oracle Communications

04:35 PM Panel Discussion 2 | Challenges and Pitfalls of Data Breach Investigations and Reporting

Angel Redoble, Chief Information Security Officer at ePLDT
Dennis R. Lee, Senior Security Manager, Managed Security Services at Accenture Inc.
Edison Dungo, Vice President for Cyber Resilience at Amihan Global Strategies
Scott Ference, Principal Technical Consultant at Oracle
John Ellis, Principal Consultant at Andgiet Security

Why is an effective response plan critical to limit the impact of a data breach incident? How can we implement a practical and legally sound approach to data breach investigations and reporting?

05:25 PM Closing Remarks
Benedict Hernandez, Chairman at CCAP

05:30 PM End

* Conference program subjected to change.