Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP)

The Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) is the umbrella organization of the Philippine contact center industry. CCAP serves as the focal point of sectors that enable the Philippines to sustain its leadership in the global contact center industry. 

From having seven original founders in 2001, CCAP is now comprised of nearly a hundred member-companies operating in various strategic locations in the Philippines. These members account for more than 70% of the revenues and workforce in the industry.

As a non-profit organization, CCAP promotes awareness of the contact center industry; active exchange of ideas, new technologies, best practices and innovations; and the sustained growth of the industry and the country.

Our mission is to harness, harmonize and galvanize cross-sector efforts that enable the Philippine contact center industry to:

  • Strengthen its #1 market position
  • Become a CRM leader in innovation and best practices

Our programs focus on:

  • Expanding talent supply: development, career marketing, wellness, retention and values formation
  • Maintaining favorable business environment: legislative/regulatory, fiscal and infrastructure
  • Driving industry innovation and performance excellence agenda
  • Country marketing, brand building and business development support especially in new markets
  • Promoting industry welfare through partnerships with the government, academe and other sectors
  • Driving innovation, best practices and thought leadership agenda among its members
  • Providing business development support.   In essence, CCAP undertakes actions that members, individually, cannot do.
Data Privacy Asia

Data Privacy Asia is a premier thought leadership conference positioned at the intersection of data protection, privacy and cybersecurity and serves as the focal point for Asia’s professionals to learn, network and collaborate. We are building a data protection, privacy and cyber security community for Asia and look forward to your involvement in this dialogue.

  1. Convergence: Bring together the disparate functions of legal, compliance, and information technology and cyber security. Through greater cross-functional learning, interaction and collaboration, professionals can better understand the issues and organisations can achieve stronger personal data protection.
  2. Community: Build a community of practice for Philippines’ data protection practitioners and leaders to collectively learn and collaborate. This promotes accelerated learning for organizations new to data privacy and offers fresh perspectives for those with a higher maturity level.
  3. Content: Deliver a world-class thought leadership conference by convening top-notch data protection practitioners and leaders to discuss issues of global concern and share best practices. Delegates will bring back knowledge and practices which can be considered and implemented in their organizations.